Music Legacy Scholarship

The Music Legacy Scholarship ($1,000) is awarded to a student for exceptional musical ability (instrumental, voice, or both). This is a grassroots, SFPE scholarship funded by the Community of Starkville and the Foundation for Public Education. The application should include: (1) a resume, (2) three (3) signed recommendation letters (at least one of which must be from a high school teacher), (3) recording of TWO (2) different live performances on one DVD or posted to your YouTube channel, and (4) a 225-300 word maximum essay written by the applicant to include the following information:

  • Description of musical talent and what music means to you
  • Description of academic school activities that involve music
  • Description of your involvement with music in the community
  • Goals to be achieved as a result of receiving this scholarship
  • Impact this scholarship will have on your future educational pursuits