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Funding to extend your education.

Scholarship Application Deadline: CLOSED


The Starkville Foundation for Public Education (SFPE) awards several one-time scholarships to exceptional Starkville High School seniors. Awards are for seniors who wish to pursue continuing education at a four-year college/university, community college, or vocational/technical training school unless otherwise noted.

Starkville High School seniors may only apply for one (1) SFPE scholarship. Full descriptions and requirements of each scholarship can be found by clicking the links in the menu on the right or printing the SFPE Scholarship Descriptions and Criteria.

For inquiries and questions, please contact the Scholarship Committee at .

All SFPE scholarship applications must be completed using the electronic application form by the deadline:   CLOSED

To access the form, click the APPLY NOW button. The scholarship form must be completed in one session. The form will not allow you to save and return later. Use the checklist below to make sure all requirements are met and all documents are submitted. If you do not complete the online application form AND attach the required documents and information you WILL NOT be eligible to receive ANY SFPE scholarships!


SFPE Scholarship Application Checklist

Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship winners!
Presley Bassett (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Mason House (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Male) – $500
Kensley Smith (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500

Congratulations to our 2022 scholarship winners!
Skyler Miller (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Female) – $500
Kenny-Dean Smith (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Male) – $500

Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship winners!
Makenzie Stone (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Amariyon Howard (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Male) – $500
Blake Smith (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1,000
Alida Perez (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500
(Selected by Millsaps) Tamaya Coleman (Paul Scales Scholarship) – $750

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winners!
Grace May (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Lane Spradling (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Female) – $500
Abigayle Green (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1,000
Makayla Smith (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship winners!

Hannah Jian (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Alexandria Gray (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Female) – $500
Eli Cappelman (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Male) – $500
Kathryn Walters (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1,000
Kinzey Le (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500
Edith Fuentes (Paul Scales Career Advancement Scholarship) – $750
Edith Fuentes (John Moore “Continuing Ed” for Vocational/Tech Scholarship) – $750


Congratulations to our 2018 scholarship winners!

2018 SFPE Scholarship Winners

Kayla McLin (John Moore “Continuing Ed” for Vocational/Tech School Scholarship) – $750
Jonathan Franz (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Lindsey Ruth (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Anne-Marie Ross (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Female) – $500
Jaden Hill (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship – Male) – $500
Joseph Houston (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1,000
Tiffany Kelly (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500
Tyler Adair (Paul Scales Career Advancement Scholarship) – $750

Congratulations to our 2017 scholarship winners!

Keasheeka Clark (John Moore “Continuing Education” for Vocational/Tech School Scholarship) – $750
Ashley McLemore (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Katherine Mattox (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship-Female) – $500
Austin Morris (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship-Male) – $500 (Shlynn Morris accepted award)
Genny Fischer (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1000
Lamaijia Evans (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500
Kalyn Nichols (Paul Scales Career Advancement Scholarship) – $750


Congratulations to our 2016 scholarship winners!


Thomas Austin Brown (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship-Male) – $500
Kelly Coble (Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship-Female) – $500
Cameron Johnston (Coach Dave Jones Sportsmanship Scholarship) – $1000
Ashley Fisher (Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship) – $500
Elizabeth Jones (Music Legacy Scholarship) – $1000
Tykea Mickens (Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship) – $500
Victor “Jamie” Forrester (Paul Scales Career Advancement Scholarship) – $750


Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship winners!

2015 Scholarship Winners

Spirit of the Foundation Scholarship ($500) – Alexus Mckorkle
John Moore “Continuing Education” Scholarship ($750) – Veronica Mullins
Music Legacy Scholarship ($1,000) – Chelsea Taylor
Hannah Pote “Grit” Award & Scholarship ($1,000) – Walker Mattox
Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship ($500) – Shelby Adair (Starkville High School)
Dave Jones Sportsmanship Scholarship ($1,000) – Khristian Carr
(Not pictured above):
Carrie Hawkins Leadership Scholarship ($500) – Justin Jones (West Oktibbeha Co. High School)
Paul Scales Career Advancement Scholarship ($750) – Tyler Fortenberry