Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship

The Hannah Pote “Grit” Award and Scholarship ($500) is awarded to one female and one male athlete who have participated in ANY sport for at least three years (years do not have to be consecutive but must include senior year) and has a C average (2.0 GPA) or above. This award will not necessarily be awarded to the top athlete, but is for an individual who is a dedicated member of the team, perseveres in spite of obstacles, is a true team player, and is innovative in adding spirit and personality to the team. The recipient will be attending a four year College/University, Community College, or Vocational/Technical School. This application should include: (1) a resume, (2) three (3) signed recommendation letters (one from the coach, one from a peer, and one from a high school teacher), (3) a letter from a community member documenting community involvement or other extracurricular activities, and (4) a 225-300 word maximum essay written by the applicant to include the following information:

  • What it has meant to you to participate on a team and what having “grit”, as a team member, means to you
  • Involvement in school, community and extracurricular activities
  • Goals to be achieved as a result of receiving this scholarship
  • Impact this scholarship will have on your future educational pursuits