2014 SFPE Innovative Educator: Tassie Rosamond, Ward Stewart Elementary School

The Starkville Foundation for Public Education celebrates educators who inspire their students to become lifelong learners and active participants in the world around them. In 2010 the Starkville Foundation For Public Education created the Innovative Educator Award in honor of Dr. Paul Cuicchi, who taught at Starkville High School for 33 years.

Our 2014 recipient, Tassie Rosamond, has 22 years of teaching experience and currently teaches 4th grade at Ward Stewart Elementary School.  She has a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education (Mississippi State University) and is Nationally Board Certified. Mrs. Rosamond has been teaching fourth and fifth grades in the Starkville School District for the past 11 years. Prior to that, she taught at Sugarloaf Elementary School in the Florida Keys, where she was honored with their “First Year Teacher Award” in 1993.

Mrs. Rosamond is the daughter of teachers, Omis and Beverly Avant, whom she describes as “the embodiment of selflessness and passion for others everyday.” Her Mother, Beverly, was her fifth grade reading teacher, and her father, Omis, was her high school physics teacher.  “I know how hard they worked for their students everyday, and that is what I strive to do too.  I try to make learning fun and interactive for my students the way my parents did for me.  I am blessed to be a part of the Starkville School District and the wonderful learning community of Ward Stewart School.”

From Mrs. Rosamond’s nomination form:

“Mrs. Rosamond is Adventurous. Bright. Creative. Dynamic. Easy-going. Funny. Generous. Hard-working. Intelligent. Jazzy. Kind. Loving. Motivated. Noticeable. Original. Productive. Qualified. Respectful. Sparkling. Thoughtful. Unique. Vivacious. Wise. eXciting. Young. Zany.

Truthfully, there are not enough words A-Z to completely capture everything Mrs. Rosamond offers her students and Henderson Ward Stewart staff on a daily basis. She goes to great lengths to provide the absolute best learning experience for her students. If everyone loved their job as much as Mrs. Rosamond does, what a world this would be. Long after her students have gone home, Mrs. Rosamond is steadily working to improve the next day, the next week, the next month….She is all in!”

This honor from the Starkville Foundation for Public Education includes a cash award of $500.

2014 Paul Cuicchi Innovative Educator Tassie Rosamond

2014 Paul Cuicchi Innovative Educator Tassie Rosamond